IoT Advisory


Assuming the impetus behind the IoT technology is replaced more readily and likely to "lap" a new automobile, the idea should start your wheels spinning on how and why staying on top of technological advancements is so important.

From IoT product development specification and market research to IoT application prototype and target user feedback evaluation - Intersog® will walk you through the entire software development process, and make suggestions on how your organization can best leverage:

- Sensor nodes (what’s available in the market and why to use them)
- Network topology (based on your business goals and solution requirements)
- Communication protocol options (what’s feasible and recommended per product specification)
- Data analytics, discovery and visualization tools

We’ll also make professional recommendations on what Tech Talent / IT resources you need on your Development Team, how you should secure your IoT ecosystem and how to train your staff / stakeholders on usage of highly secured IoT systems.

IoT Application development

Application development

We boast a breadth of experience with building highly efficient Big Data / IoT products for healthcare, education, automotive, electronics, manufacturing and other industries, producing embedded firmware solutions for the connected cars and ventilation controllers, and enabling machine-to-machine (m2m), multiple machine-to-machine (mm2m), machine-to-infrastructure (m2i), machine-to-nature (m2n) and equipment self-service (EqSS) communications.

Intersog® understands the essentials and building blocks of the IoT application development and how track-command-control-and-route (TCC&R) apps differ data mining apps. While you may be lacking / failing to find local data scientists, analysts, senior software engineers or DevOps specialists, we can provide you with the required IT Talent through our Ukraine-based R&D centers and help save your software development budget as a result of the lower cost of solution development.

Example: Leading Diesel Solutions

We've created a robust, low maintenance IoT product for the trucking industry to ensure motor carriers and drivers are compliant with the DOT regulations. This project has disrupted the current market with innovation that brings a connected firmware device and integrated mobile solution to meet the regulatory requirement. The mobile user interface integrates with hardware that utilizes CAN Dongle, J1939 standard, with a Bluetooth communication layer. The app will store all driver and auto/manual collected event information and send in batches to a cloud server at midnight of each day or the next time the user becomes connected to the internet. The initial project phase was a fully programmed prototype to gather target audience feedback which helps to refine the final solution features.

IoT Automation


The potential of processes automation has never been greater with a combined IoT and mobility solution. IoT enables you to automate over 50% of your manual work, which results in mid- to long-term cost saving and better focus on core competences. Taking advantage of sensor nodes, we can create Equipment Self Service (EqSS) and automated workflows for your organization that will send you automatic alerts for equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul.
IoT Accessibility


Mobile is the interface of choice for most of IoT solutions as it allows for instant accessibility from literally anywhere in the world via Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G LTE and other mobile networks. Building mobile application for IoT is a way to significantly extend your software product’s lifecycle.
IoT Analytics


Various types of data derived from your connected devices for marketing campaigns or improved operations can be a game changer in almost any industry. Whatever your market, whether it be manufacturing, consumer electronics, distribution, education, healthcare or even professional services, there is likely a software solution that would disrupt your market completely.

Using our Big Data capabilities as well as leading data discovery and visualization tools, we can help you build from scratch and deploy / customize the right data analytics solution that will be geared specifically towards your business goals and market needs. As you translate your Big Data into corporate BI to foster more efficient decision-making, you’ll gain valuable insights into your target audience and how users interact with your products and make important adjustment on the fly to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You’ll also be able to generate insights from your equipment to make sure it’s kept up to date and works flawlessly.

IoT Actual Results

Actual Results

At Intersog®, we emphasize ideation and innovation with measurable success. Our goal is to be a valued and reliable partner that becomes indispensable in achieving market dominance. You want to make a mark and change the world for the better and we want to help you get there! Example: Timer/Sensor Manufacturing

Intersog® created a smartphone interface so users (homeowners or facility engineers) can remotely and centrally control their ventilation equipment. The over-arching goal was to provide fresh functionality and breath new life into their existing timer and settings based controller mechanisms.  Our client provides precision timer and sensor mechanism hardware with firmware and electrical equipment to an array of electronics manufacturers.  The IoT solution we've built and launched for our client brings a new line of service and capabilities to the business. Benefits of the new offering for the end users include less cumbersome and more flexible ways to operate the equipment, reduced ventilation equipment maintenance and energy costs.

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