What Drivers Really Expect From Connected Cars

If you think you’ve heard a lot about connected cars, I can bet that you’re going to hear a lot more soon. Research suggests that China, Germany, and the U.S. are going to be booming as drivers are eager to adopt built-in car apps.

As society as a whole becomes used to living in connected smart spaces, drivers and passengers are now increasingly expecting vehicles to have access to connected services.

But what exactly are their needs? What do they want access to while driving?

The global management and technology services company Accenture conducted a global survey (14,195 consumers across 12 countries) to find out the answers to these questions.

Connected Navigation Services

When it came to connected navigation services, a lot of those surveyed were already taking advantage of connected tools that are readily available on the market. Traffic and weather information was the most popular coming in at 50% and 36%, while speed camera and in-car search both came second with 26% of those surveyed already using it.

Although car park spaces were only used by 19% of respondents, this segment may see the most growth with 34% very likely to start using these services soon.

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Infotainment and Convenience Services

Infotainment or services that deliver information and entertainment are already popular. When it came to entertainment like gaming, the internet, and music, 37% of the respondents were already using it while 26% would very likely start to use it in the near future. Listening to music and surfing the net remain the most important features.

Apps related to information such as news, sports, and stocks were tied with 37% of respondents already using it while 24% were very likely to start using it in the near future. 21% of respondents also stated that they would consider it for future usage which points to a healthy segment that will continue to grow.

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However, apps focused on eLearning and productivity weren’t popular at the time of the survey. But with 27% and 30% of respondents stating that they are very likely to start using it in the near future, this segment could also grow in the coming years.

The convenience services segment has a lot of potential with 30% of respondents already taking advantage of remote services. Further, there was a lot of interest in services such as vehicle health report, vehicle lifestyle management, and second used care report. This area will probably receive a lot of investments in the future to meet market demands.

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Although 31% valued personalized consistent usage of connectivity, 51% stated that they wanted in-vehicle use functions to be utilized only to become a better driver. Further, 13% wanted fuel information or updates on when you need to refill to be connected to a mobile device.

The respondents wanted to see the following driving support systems to be added in the future:

It’s also important to note at this juncture that 50% of the respondents stated that they wanted the same operating system (OS) on their dashboards. As a result, manufacturers would have to make a decision on a sole OS for future models.

The following technologies were also important to respondents:

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So how much are people willing to pay for these connected services?

71%  of respondents are willing to pay up to 10% of the total car price to have these technologies built in. Having said that, customers also seem to also prefer optional in-car services that they can purchase as needed.

Drivers also favored payment models such as monthly credit card payment, upfront payments, and free basic services. As a result, it is important for auto manufacturers to know which added features will be preferred by their customers.

You will find the Accenture Connected Vehicle Services report here.

Images courtesy of Accenture.

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