Google's Android Things

How Google's Android Things Will Improve IoT Security

Google Answers To The Call For Greater IoT Security Just as the IoT has become irreversibly embedded within the Internet, it has revealed itself to be a wildly insecure cesspool of non-standard, unsecured, and outdated technology. Google is responding by updating its offerings for IoT operating systems and network connections with Android-derived software and an improved communications...
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IoT app development in Chicago

12 Popular Programming Languages For IoT Development In 2017

Everyone is talking about smart objects these days and how they are going to impact everyday life. Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) is very much a reality with smart thermostats, connected cars, and smart home hubs like Amazon Echo (that uses multiple languages like Node.js, Java, and Python).
IoT, DIY IoT development

How to Build a DIY Home Weather Station With ESP8266

This is my English translation of the article originally published in Geek Times. A couple of years ago I purchased esp8266, a cheap Wi-Fi chip with full TCP/IP stack and micro controller capability manufactured by Espressif. My idea was to build something useful for my home using this controller.
IoT development platforms

IoT Platforms Overview: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo And Others

The IoT concepts imply a creation of network of various devices interacting with each other and with their environment. Interoperability and connectivity wouldn’t be possible without hardware platforms that help developers solve issues such as building autonomous interactive objects or completing common infrastructure related tasks.
IoT use cases in agriculture

How Internet of Things (IoT) Benefits Agriculture

No surprise, agriculture is preeminently one of the main development accelerators of the Internet of Things (IoT). Up-to-date technologies are indispensable for foodstuff manufacturers in supporting the rapidly growing population of our planet.

How to Design Interfaces for Smart Appliances

When it comes to smart appliances, the user experience (UX) will be different from mobile devices. For connected appliances, the Internet of Things (IoT) should enable connected lives that don’t have to depend on multiple touch screens.
IoT gateways

IoT Gateways Overview: Intel, ARM mbed, Eurotech and Nexcom

With the IoT industry getting much attention in recent times, the mode of connection of IoT devices has advanced from cellular and Wi-Fi to more complex wireless communication modules such as Wi-Max, NFC, ZigBee, etc. IoT gateways serve the important purpose of connecting such devices to the Internet irrespective of the radio/wired technology used by them.

What Drivers Really Expect From Connected Cars

If you think you’ve heard a lot about connected cars, I can bet that you’re going to hear a lot more soon. Research suggests that China, Germany, and the U.S. are going to...

Overview of Connected Car App Dev Platforms: Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and MirrorLink

Connected cars apps are gaining some momentum in the app development space. Modern vehicles are enabled with infotainment systems that not only sync with the driver’s smartphone...

How To Bootstrap Your Enterprise IoT Initiative

Pushing your enterprise network out to the edge and encompassing all of the sensors that you could potentially attach to your equipment, machinery, and buildings form the...

Intersog Listed Among Top IoT Developers 2016

We're pleased to announce that one of U.S. leading b2b research agencies Clutch features Intersog in Leaders Matrix for IoT development and delivery...

The Key Factors Reducing IoT Development Costs

Innovations in technology are pushing computational power out to network edges, and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices share the workload more efficiently, which reduces...

IoT Anomalies And How To Detect Them

The Internet of Things holds tremendous promise to shift failure detection and parts replacement from reactive systems, responding to breakdowns, into predictive maintenance...

Neustar Global DDoS Report 2016: IoT Is Unsafe

Our client company Neustar whom we assisted with building a robust digital infrastructure for information management conducted a global survey of more than 1,000 IT...

How To Minimize Risks For In-Vehicle Application Development?

It is arguable that cars are now computers with wheels and seating. Having such complete dependence on software has advantages, but there are risks as well. Designers and...

4 Ways IoT Will Impact Your Mobile App Development

It’s no surprise that mobile apps have been dominating the market lately. According to Smart Insights, 90% of the time people spent on mobile devices was spent on mobile apps....