Custom Development of the Internet of Things

As the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming a new social and business paradigm, how will you move from connecting devices to capturing insights and capitalizing on them?
From connected ideation, IoT platform / gateways recommendations to M2M enablement and sensor integration to data collection and analytics, Intersog offers custom design and development of highly efficient ROI-driven IoT solutions (both strategic and tactical) that provide actionable results and ensure your top line growth and bottom line savings.
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The Internet of Things Opportunities

IoT provides both private and public sector organizations with an unprecedented opportunity to drive new sources of business value such as automation of over 50% of all manual processes, cost level and workflows optimization through remote monitoring and troubleshooting, increased and more effective user engagement and many others.

This value will be added to those organizations that are heavily focused on leveraging and improving their data capabilities and overall agility of processes, not to those that simply connect devices to the network via Internet protocols and APIs.

ROI-Driven IoT Development

IoT success requires new workforce skills, effective DevOps practices, an extended ecosystem of partners and a smart platform approach.

At the forefront of mobile technologies since the advent of the Apple’s iPhone and aiming to build truly meaningful projects able to change our life for the better, Intersog® is a software development company that has what it takes to enable IoT success for YOUR ORGANIZATION!

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As an organization striving for technology innovation and market leadership, do you ask yourself the following questions?

  • How do we optimize our software development and/or manufacturing processes on a continual basis to support and accelerate innovation cycles?
  • How do we meet rapidly growing demands from our tech savvy customers and provide flawless service to them?
  • How do we manage a robust and expanding portfolio of physical assets distributed across our organization as well as across the globe?
Internet of Things
  • How do we effectively manage our supply chain and partners’ ecosystem?
  • How do we facilitate work of our employees with easy-to-use remote monitoring and troubleshooting systems?
  • How do we gather information from our physical assets to monitor status and behavior and translate it into business decision-making the right way?
If these are some burning questions for your company, we’re ready to assist! Find out more about why you should consider partnering with Intersog® for your IoT solution development and maintenance!

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