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Gartner predicts that the  number of all connected devices globally will reach almost 10 billion by 2020, with 81% accounting for residential and commercial property.
In the mid term, IoT will provide businesses with an unprecedented access to innovative technology and new revenue sources, but businesses should already start investing in IoT today, create action plans, allocate budgets and prototype their IoT products.

Connected devices enable the global IoT ecosystem that incorporates People and Technology. But choices are many today (a plethora of IoT platforms and gateways to choose from) and the lack of first-hand experience and tribal knowledge can break your whole IoT project!

We have People, Technologies AND Experience you can take advantage of! And yes, we can literally meet any IoT development budget thanks to our flexible engagement models.

Our IoT Portfolio
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Our People

Having access to Eastern Europe’s largest pool of IT talent in Ukraine (software engineers, developers and architects, QA and testing specialists, PMs, DevOps, tech leads, business analysts, data scientists and data engineers), we’re able to supply on-demand consultant resources for your IoT project of any type and complexity, at affordable costs compared to the national rates in North America or Western Europe, and with all required skill levels and certifications.

You can engage with us either on a T&M project or Offshore R&D basis, whereas the latter allows you to establish an easily scalable Dedicated Collaborative Software Development Team in one of our offshore locations.

Besides instant access to IT Talent, you also get the highest possible level of project visibility / control, cost saving (that can reach up to 50% of your total budget) and faster time to hire and time to market.


Using Intersog® as your IoT software development provider enables you to access and, what’s more important for any outsourcing relationship, bring technology expertise back in-house and retain all project related knowledge thanks to a transparent business model we offer.

  • Identification technologies
    • Identity management
    • Semantics
    • Privacy awareness
    • Things’ DNA identifier
  • IoT architecture
    • Adaptive / context-based architectures
    • Self-* properties
    • Cognitive architectures
    • Experiential architectures
  • Communication technologies
    • Wide spectrum and spectrum aware protocol
    • Unified protocol over wide spectrum
  • Network technologies
    • Network context awareness
    • Network cognition
    • Self learning and self repairing network
  • Power and energy storage technologies
    • Self-power, wireless power
    • Energy recycling
    • Biodegradable batteries
    • Nano-power processing unit
  • Security & privacy technologies
    • Security and privacy profiles based on business needs
    • Automatic privacy evaluation
    • Context centric security
    • Self-adapting security protocols and mechanisms
  • Standardization
    • Cross interoperability with heterogeneous networks
    • RFID security

Our usage of IoT platforms for various IoT development operations includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Semiconductors: Intel, ARM
  • Software: Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Amazon Web Services , Oracle
  • Hardware: Cisco
  • M2M: Verizon, Zigbee
  • Cloud IoT: SalesForce, Intel, Microsoft Azure
  • Big Data Analytics: Looker

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